How is your portfolio doing?

2020 has indeed been a wild year, leaving many to wonder how they can re-assess or balance their portfolio?

After hitting bottom in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, the stock markets broke through to new heights, creating new records for some stock benchmarks.


While many of you might be tempted to purely follow what analysts and expert investors are calling, it is important for you to TAKE CHARGE of your portfolio, knowing fully well about the company that you are buying into.

When faced with market volatility, having the right strategy is essential in making every trade with confidence. And the question is always - How can I do so?

That’s what motivated us to start this course – a structured learning journey where we will guide you through Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

How do I effectively use both Fundamental data and Technical charts together?

This is exactly what you will learning from the course.

With over 30 topics and 600 minutes of content*, our mentors will deep dive into the various approaches to asses a stock. We will bring you through the fundamentals on understanding a company’s financial health, picking a stock on your own, to analytically timing your buy and sell.

If you’re thinking this is just another online course where you watch the videos passively, you are wrong!

On top of the virtual materials, you will also have the fullest attention of the mentors during the 2 Members Meetup sessions as they round up the curriculum. Industry experts will also be invited to share across more insights on the market outlook.

Cap at only 40 students, not only will you emerge with the knowledge to declutter and focus on the important things when picking a stock, you will also get to meet like-minded investors through the intimate class size.

*Course content are subjected to revision at ShareInvestor’s discretion.

Still not convinced?

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from the curriculum.

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Introduction to Investing

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Understanding the Business

Understanding Candlesticks Charting

Evaluating the Company Management

Interpreting Price Volume Action

Reading Financial Statement

Identifying Key Price Zones

Valuating a Stock

Planning and Managing a Trade

Through the Bootcamp, you will learn to:

icon-analyse-stocksAnalyse stocks on your own

icon-identify-stocksIdentify high potential, good quality stocks

icon-calculate-true-valueCalculate the true value of a company

icon-when-to-buy-sellKnow when to buy and when to sell

icon-earn-healthy-returnEarn healthy returns on portfolio

With so many coronavirus vaccine contenders, there is no doubt for a big boost in the market in the near future but how do you differentiate one company from another?

Given the low interest rates, you might make a wager and think that now is the best time to go into the market and buy that one stock you’ve been eyeing.

If that is YOU, we will teach you how to do just that WITH CONFIDENCE.

Register now at only


At the same price as a staycation at a 5 star hotel, you can instead put your money to better use. Here’s what you’ll be getting:

icon - check

1-year access to over 600 minutes of video content on Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis

icon - check

1-year support in Bootcamp Private Group and get to interact with like-minded investors

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1-year subscription to ShareInvestor WebPro with data across 7 markets

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Access to 2 x Members’ Meetup – round up of curriculum, Q&A with mentors and exclusive sharing sessions with invited speakers

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Access to 2 x market outlook event with industry experts

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Downloadable course materials, notes, and check list

You will also get access to 2 free reports with in-depth analysis on 18 stocks by our in-house Research Analyst (worth $176)!

Next run of Bootcamp will be starting on 27 February 2021

Join us and take charge of your portfolio today!

Meet Your Mentors


Speaker - James Yeo James Yeo
Fundamental Analysis Trainer

James is the Product Specialist at ShareInvestor and also the founder of SmallCapAsia.com, an investment blog which helps to uncover hidden gems specifically in the small/mid cap space. He started investing since his army days and has chalked up more than 10 years of experience with a decent track record. Through his previous stints in financial companies like Motley Fool Singapore and Yahoo Finance, he accumulated a wealth of experience and now looks to share his knowledge with other like-minded investors.

Speaker - Ho Seng Foo Ho Seng Foo
Technical Analysis Trainer

Seng Foo is a veteran in the stockbroking industry, having been a remisier with CGS-CIMB Securities for 27 years. He is an avid investor and trader, specialising in finding and trading stocks which have the potential to achieve double-digit returns. Using his self-honed SuperStocks methodology, he has traded and invested profitably through a few bull and bear market cycles. Seng Foo has shared his investment philosophy through courses conducted jointly with various partners including Shareinvestor.com. He had also spoken at forums organised by Moneysense and SIAS.

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