REITS to Riches
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are one of the most reliable forms of investment as it generates steady and consistent income. With REITs, we are able to invest in a wide range of real estate assets with a low investment capital. However, it is important for us to have a complete knowledge of REITs before we start off our investment journey in REITs.

REITs to Riches analyses the different real estate sectors and shares with you the method to analyse the financials of REITs. The steps of accessing the investment risks are discussed as well. With these essential knowledge, you will be able to build a portfolio of REITs and Business Trusts, which allows you to enjoy the consistent passive income from the REITs distribution.
Book Content:
• The differences between REITs and
  Business Trusts
• Financing and growing a Trust
• Different real estate sectors and their
• The methods to analyse the financials
  of Trusts
• Calculating the value of Trusts
• How to access the risks and REITs
  management before investing

• Build a balance Portfolio of REITs and
  Business Trusts
• Avoiding the common traps which
  investors fall into
• How to screen for REITs and Trusts
• Singapore REITs indices and REIT
  bubble charts
• Which is a better investment, REITs or
  physical properties?
REITS to Riches
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