The right mindset every investor should have
Buy Undervalued Stocks - Roger Montgomery
During financial crisis, the share price of certain stocks will drop below their actual worth. It presents us the best buying opportunity for undervalued stocks when this happens. We can profit from the capital gains of these stocks when the stock market recovers. However, we will need to learn the methods to value the worth of individual stocks, so as to catch such profitable investments when the opportunity arrives. shares with us the right mindset which every investor should have and how we can identify the extraordinary businesses in the stock market. Most importantly, it teaches us the different valuation models for stocks valuation. By following the 3 simple steps mentioned in the book, investors are able to beat the various market conditions effortlessly. Ample real-life examples are provided in the book for easy understanding of the concepts covered.
Book Content:
  • What is the right investor mindset
  • How to buy a business and not trade stocks
  • Focus on the value of a company, not price
  • The methods to pick companies with extraordinary prospects
  • The ABC of Return on Equity
  • What are the competitive advantages of businesses
  • Why is debt not always good
  • Importance of cashflow for listed companies
  • Having outsized returns for a business
  • Calculating the intrinsic value of listed companies
  • Price-earnings ratios, risk and growth
  • When to get out of a company
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