Profit from Cheap and Unloved Stocks
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Profit from Cheap and Unloved Stocks

Academics have always instilled in the society the concept of risk-reward trade-off; that High Returns are only possible with High Risks.

But is it really true? The truth is, you can achieve double-digit returns and keep your risks to the minimum using this investment approach called Deep Value Investing.

Popularized by Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, he buys shares at a fraction of what they are worth and can even make money if the company goes into liquidation! Warren Buffett, disciple of Graham, utilized this strategy with great success in his early years as he compounded capital at an average of 31% (CAGR) vs 9% against the Dow over a decade.

Convinced of how Deep Value Investing is backed by real research and allows you to find stocks with a wide margin of safety? Join us for this half-day seminar and we'll show you how you can build a basket of deep value stocks and profit handsomely with this proven, low-risk approach.

Read his recent article on 3 unloved growth stock he has shortlisted in his watchlist here:
In this HALF-DAY workshop, you'll learn...
What is the real Essence behind Deep Value Investing
Why this investment strategy is Endorsed by Investing Gurus like Warren Buffett, Walter Schloss and Benjamin Graham
How to Easily Screen for Deep Value Stocks
How to Identify and Mitigate 1 Key Risk in this Investing Strategy
And most importantly...How to Build a Portfolio that Beats the Market in the Long Run

Event Details

Date: 16th February 2019, Saturday
Time: 9.00AM – 1.00PM
(Registration starts from 8.30AM)
Venue: SPH Training Room T8.2 / T8.3, SPH News Centre,
1000 Toa Payoh North Singapore 318994
ShareInvestor Early Bird Price: $15 (Valid till 11th February 2019)
Public Early Bird Price: $20 (Valid till 11th February 2019)
ShareInvestor Regular Price: $20
Public Regular Price: $25
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About The Speaker
James Yeo
James has been investing in the stock markets since 2007 and chalked up more than 10 years of experience. Having been through his fair share of investment mistakes, James believes strongly an investment in knowledge pays the best return (teaches you to avoid the catastrophic mistakes).

Being a big advocate for Small Cap Stocks, James founded - a platform that empowers retail investors to discover hidden gems with huge growth potential but currently neglected by the investing community.

James has also spoken at many events over the past years including SGX Carnival, BigScribe and CIMB. Lastly, you can find his countless of articles across various platforms such as,, Seedly and Yahoo Finance.
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