Unlocking the Secrets of Indicators: Common Indicators Uncommon Profits
Unlocking the Secrets of Indicators: Common Indicators Uncommon Profits

After making a high of 3611 in Jan 2018, STI has gone through wide gyrations, trading to a low of 3338 on 4 Apr. However, within a span of few weeks, STI managed to rally to a new high. In relative terms, STI has outperformed most markets. This is unlike the synchronized rally we have seen before. The rally was short-lived and the market is now stuck in a trading range. Is this an indication of weakness in market underlying structure? What can we expect going forward ...

Now, whether you're new to trading or a market veteran, spotting ripe trading opportunities at this moment can be a daunting task. We are here to guide you with a simple and easy-to-use approach that even beginners can do it!

In this workshop, you will learn the time-tested secret of technical indicators that has helped many investors / traders improve their timing and direction in the market - be it Long or Short. You will also learn how to use common indicators such as RSI, ADX, OBV and ATR to reveal the unconventional way of generating even more profits. Join now to be on the winning side of the market!

You'll discover
Why understanding market behaviours is essential to making profitable trading decisions
Why trading purely by technical indicators will get you nowhere and how to use them the RIGHT WAY!
How to effectively trade different market conditions, be it Up, Down or Sideways
How to identify stocks on the cusp of a move by
- Spotting BIG Trend and squeezing every opportunity dry
- Buying the Dip in a directional market for QUICK gain
- Taking advantage of Quiet Market that often precedes EXPLOSIVE movement
- Identify Early Entry that offer you an edge over other traders
and many more...
You'll also learn a simple method that prepares you to "go shopping" after a severe sell-down.
Unlocking the Secrets of Indicators: Common Indicators Uncommon Profits

Event Details

Date: 30th June 2018, Saturday
Time: 9.00AM – 5.00PM
(Registration starts from 8.30AM)
Venue: SPH Training Room T8.2 / T8.3, SPH News Centre,
1000 Toa Payoh North Singapore 318994
Fees: S$48 for 1 Ticket
S$76 for 2 Tickets
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CK Ee About The Speaker
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Asia Charts Pte Ltd
A full-time active trader in the equities and derivatives markets, CK is a practitioner of technical analysis and has been actively trading since 1993 in Singapore, Malaysia and US markets.
He focuses in trading growth stocks that have potential for big gains and using derivative instruments like options and warrants for better returns. CK is also an active trader of the forex and futures markets.

In his 20 years of trading experience, CK has developed dozens of trading systems and methods for medium and short term (both swing and intra-day) trading. CK is widely recognized analyst and trainer in technical analysis and regularly featured.

CK holds a bachelor degree of Science from University of London and Master of Science from National University of Singapore. He is also a certified behavior consultant has keen interest in area of trading psychology.
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