Successful trading requires you to have an EDGE
Riding the Perfect Storm

Trump's promised stimulus measures to rebuild infrastructure, making US energy independent, tax cut to make America strong again, had caused the markets worldwide to rally. Market can rally on promises, but it takes concrete results to keep the rally going. Are there signs that the end is near? Will the North Korea tensions throw a spanner in the works? Is the recent rally in Gold a telltale sign?

We are witnessing the longest bull run since 1983 and it will eventually come to an end. Are you ready for the crash when it comes? How will it impact YOU?

In this seminar, CK Ee will help you to make sense of the market.
What's waiting for you...
Demystifying the Bull and Bear markets
Understanding Liquidity Cycle and its influence on market
Market Categorization - the 4 stages of market cycle and why market tend to repeat itself
Insights into local and overseas markets
Strongest / weakest markets and sectors
How to position yourself for gain be it bull or bear
How to recognize signs of a bear market in the making
Join us for a 3-hour seminar and you’ll discover
Why market moves – Market Action 101
Understand the various moods of market and benefitting from the mood swings – the key to profit from Unusual Market Moves
Know when you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T invest in the market
How to profit from the Unusual Moves & how you can be an Informed Investor (versus an insider)
Market Categorization - the 4 stages of market cycle and why market tend to repeat itself (versus an insider)

Event Details

Date: 4 November 2017, Saturday
Time: 9.00AM – 12.00PM
(Registration starts from 8.30AM)
Venue: SPH News Centre, Training Room T8.2/8.3
1000 Toa Payoh North, Singapore 318994
ShareInvestor Regular Price: $15
Public Regular Price: $20
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CK Ee About The Speaker
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Asia Charts Pte Ltd
A full-time active trader in the equities and derivatives markets, CK is a practitioner of technical analysis and has been actively trading since 1993 in Singapore, Malaysia and US markets.
He focuses in trading growth stocks that have potential for big gains and using derivative instruments like options and warrants for better returns. CK is also an active trader of the forex and futures markets.

In his 20 years of trading experience, CK has developed dozens of trading systems and methods for medium and short term (both swing and intra-day) trading. CK is widely recognized analyst and trainer in technical analysis and regularly featured.

CK holds a bachelor degree of Science from University of London and Master of Science from National University of Singapore. He is also a certified behavior consultant has keen interest in area of trading psychology.
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