Learn to Invest Successfully. The Right Way, The First Time.
Learn to Invest Successfully. The Right Way, The First Time.

The 3 most common mistakes that cause investors to lose money; you are probably doing them right NOW and repeating it over and over again!

If you are confused by the market behavior, if you wonder why stocks of seemingly good companies are not performing. If you are feeling stuck in your trading / investing regime, join CK as he shows you:

The 5 components of a low-risk idea; miss just one of these and it is guaranteed you will never make a profit
What good trading is about; as shocking as it may sound, it has nothing to do how accurate a trading system is
Why many investors make only small profits but suffer big losses
Why understanding position sizing is critical to your bottom line results
How to approach the market – short, mid and long term – for consistent good result
The core differences between income generation and wealth creation strategies and why it is crucial to be clear
How to develop a technical edge and how his unique "Expectations" trading concept can give you the unfair advantage
CK Ee About The Speaker
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Asia Charts Pte Ltd

A full-time active trader in the equities and derivatives markets, CK is a practitioner of technical analysis and has been actively trading since 1993 in Singapore, Malaysia and US markets.

He focuses in trading growth stocks that have potential for big gains and using derivative instruments like options and warrants for better returns. CK is also an active trader of the forex and futures markets.

In his 20 years of trading experience, CK has developed dozens of trading systems and methods for medium and short term (both swing and intra-day) trading. CK is widely recognized analyst and trainer in technical analysis and regularly featured.

CK holds a bachelor degree of Science from University of London and Master of Science from National University of Singapore. He is also a certified behavior consultant has keen interest in area of trading psychology.
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Saturday 29 April 2017
SPH News Centre Training Rooms
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  • DVD "Get an Unfair Advantage in Stock Trading"
  • Free investment eBook "Riding the Perfect Storm 2017"
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